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Which hue of blue are you?

There is just something about the colour blue that is very hard to resist. Ranging from a beautiful royal blue that speaks elegance, all the way to the heart of a country soaked in traditional indigo, to a soft aquamarine that tugs at the soul of any spring loving traveler, one can speak any language through […]


Spruce Up Your Space, This Festive Season !

When you think about the many things you can do to amp up your space, nothing suits better than a festive-themed look. Sometimes, all you need to do is play with lights – all kinds of them! It’s always fun to try different experiments with your already existing set of upholstery and maybe a few […]

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New Store. New ME!

Hey girls, Just incase you followed our social media feed last week, and were wondering what that was all about. Here’s the buzz… Well, I’m back with all-new interiors and a revamped brand logo. Like a peacock strutting its magnificent style, the new logo takes form of a beak emoji in the letter ‘g´ and […]