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Style resolutions 2019!

Fashion and style is so much more than just buying clothes, it’s a representation of who you are and helps you express what you believe in to the world.  Whether you are power dressing in immaculate blazer jackets and pant suits, dazzling in a Friday night party wear dress or feel comfortable in an ethereal pastel Kurti for those family oriented Sunday’s, fashion helps you navigate through all your roles in life looking and feeling your absolute best.

Since clothing is such a big part of our everyday lives, let’s think about how we can make the most of it this year by adopting fashion that is self-uplifting, strong and will help you achieve your personal and professional goals for 2019.

  1. Choose a set of go to styles that suit you best

Whether it’s long dresses with sleeves, short fitted number, blouson or a crop top, long skirts or comfortable shorts, take sometime and think about styles that look good on your body and set them up as your go to basic styles for whenever you decide to shop. This way you know what looks good on you and you can rely on them whenever you feel indecisive.

   2. Leave room for experimentation

The nature of fashion is that it’s always changing and morphing. Experimentation is a great way to keep evolving your style and making your life less monotonous. Why should you be left behind? Be brave, go out there and don’t be shy to try something new off the hanger. You never know what might surprise you!

 3. Take time and think about your choices

 Impulse buys are so tempting, especially when they are easy on the pocket. The result being? Your wardrobe keeps getting overcrowded with a hoard of tops, skirts and dresses that you are probably never going to wear. This year, why not take a moment and invest in pieces you genuinely fall in love with and want to wear again and again? You will save up a lot of your hard earned money in the process too!

4. Compartmentalise

There is absolutely nothing better than opening a well organised closet, it can clear the clutter in your head and save you a ton of time in the morning. Essentially, we believe that your wardrobe should be split into categories, work wear, athleisure, going out dresses, casual tops, Kurti’s and  basic bottoms that go with everything. If you want to organise your life, why not start with your closet?

   5. Take care of your Clothes

The shelf life of our clothes is getting smaller and smaller. Partly, the reason being that we don’t always follow the washcare instruction leaving them to become old before their time. This causes us to keep going back to shop and spending more money.  Why get into this vicious cycle? Let’s take care of our clothes instead because they take care of us all day!

   6. Slay with confidence

Last but not the least, be confident. It’s a new year, a new you! The clothes you wear have the power to uplift and transform you. Go out there, look your best and don’t let anyone put you down! Because girl, you deserve it. 

Don’t forget Voice Your Style this 2019!

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