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Discover the latest and greatest from Global Desi. Explore all the new women's clothing arrivals, including dresses, tops, bottoms, kurtas, tunics, and more.

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  1. New Beige Kurta

  2. New Teal Top

  3. New Teal Gown

  4. New Teal Gown

  5. New Teal Floral Embroidered Maxi

  6. New Beige Leaf Print Kurta

  7. New Beige Floral Print Lehenga

  8. New Beige Skirt

  9. New Tinsel Slim Crop Pants

  10. New Beige Foil Print Crop Pants

  11. New Beige Polka Dot Tunic

  12. New Beige Sequinned Cropped Pants

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14 Products Set Ascending Direction
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