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Here at Global Desi, we offer a variety of skirts to take you from day to night. Discover closet staples like long festive-ready skirts, denim skirts, printed skirts, and embroidered skirts. Go beyond the basics with our collection of women’s skirts – the outfitting possibilities are endless.

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    1. New Pink Floral Print Lehenga

      Pink Floral Print Lehenga

    2. New Aqua Floral Print Lehenga

      Aqua Floral Print Lehenga

    3. Indigo Skirt
      $21 $27 25% OFF

      Indigo Skirt

    4. Black Skirt
      $21 $27 25% OFF

      Black Skirt

    5. New Black Geometric Print Skirt

      Black Geometric Print Skirt

    6. Black A-line Panelled Skirt
      $20 $40 50% OFF

      Black A-line Panelled Skirt

    7. New Berry Floral Print Skirt

      Berry Floral Print Skirt

    8. New Red Skirt

      Red Skirt

    9. Navy Print Maxi Skirt
      $13 $32 60% OFF

      Navy Print Maxi Skirt

    10. Black Print Maxi Skirt
      $13 $32 60% OFF

      Black Print Maxi Skirt

    11. Aqua Skirt
      $16 $32 50% OFF

      Aqua Skirt

    12. New Beige Skirt

      Beige Skirt

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    28 Products Set Ascending Direction
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