2019 Fashion Sun-Kissed Summer

Sunkissed Summer

As the dancing rays fell onto the leaves, And the sounds of winds echoed through the trees,  The blossoming flowers that whispered the promise of freshness,  All rejoicing in the arrival of a Sunkissed Summer Take a walk through the forests of India, it’s exotic flowers growing on strong and fearless trees that sing songs […]

2019 lifestyle New Year

Style resolutions 2019!

Fashion and style is so much more than just buying clothes, it’s a representation of who you are and helps you express what you believe in to the world.  Whether you are power dressing in immaculate blazer jackets and pant suits, dazzling in a Friday night party wear dress or feel comfortable in an ethereal […]


Global Desi Dress Fest, all items below 1000!

January has officially taken the reigns and we want you to leave your fears behind and embrace the New Year looking your ultimate best. If your year is already chugging along with a host of events that are filling your social calendar and you can’t possibly wear the same thing again, worry not. We have […]

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The oldest love affair of a woman, Footwear

There is nothing more essential for acing a perfect start-of-the-year look than pairing it with just the right kind of shoes. Whether it’s your shoeperwoman working loafers, pretty sparkly party sandals or public speaking stilettoes, we understand just how imperative footwear is in bringing your entire outfit together as a whole. If you have made […]

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Which hue of blue are you?

There is just something about the colour blue that is very hard to resist. Ranging from a beautiful royal blue that speaks elegance, all the way to the heart of a country soaked in traditional indigo, to a soft aquamarine that tugs at the soul of any spring loving traveler, one can speak any language through […]