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Explore hundreds of new shoe arrivals at Global Desi, including boots, flats, mojris, mules and kolhapuris. No matter which pair you pick, you'll adore the easy functionality and all-day comfort of our options.

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Footwear for Women: Chic Footwear for the Metropolitan Woman

If there is a wardrobe article that calls for slow deliberation while choosing, it is the right type of footwear for the right occasion. Types of footwear for women greatly vary—from the measured elegance of a pair of dual-tone Kolhapuris to the striking pizzazz of tie-up sandals —the right shoe can complete, transform, and dress up or dress down an attire, irrespective of the occasion. With a wide array of options for formal and casual settings, our range of footwear stands out on account of its outstanding appearance and quality. Our collection of women’s sandals is made keeping comfort, grace, and versatility in mind. The assortment of Kolhapuri sandals that we have on our catalogue, comprises modest monotone styles and variants with a multitude of ornate patterns. Our range of flats conveys the ease and simplicity that ladies’ footwear often lacks, adding a spring in every step. Each pair of mules that we produce captures an unseen aspect of fashion, while offering a glimpse of what may be in vogue tomorrow. Using the softest leather, resilient cloth, and pretty prints, our diverse range of footwear unlocks the bohemian belle in you. The colour palette consists of immaculate whites, delicate cream, Oxford blues, and laser-cut browns— hues that are certain to complement outfits in a variety of colours. Much of our intricate pattern work reflects a deep admiration for shisha embroidery, an indigenous art form with a long and distinctive period of development. The durability and affordability of these pairs only add to their value.

Slip into the elegance of Global Desi footwear today, and let the world follow in your footsteps.

Global Desi is India’s most prominent boho-chic label with a penchant for creating fashion apparel and accessories that merge traditional Indian designs with the newest trends in the West. Launched in 2007, our brand weaves the vibrant spirit, robust traditions, and diverse culture of the country into outfits that reflect the confidence, cordiality, and cultivation of women everywhere.

Our catalogue of footwear showcases a taste for light and evocative aesthetics, which have always been at the heart of our unique design philosophy. Quirky and elaborate variants,

like our Orange Fringe Kolhapuri Sandals, are perfectly suited to complement a flirty summer dress or lively kurta. Less flamboyant but just as charming alternatives such as our Blue Beaded Kolhapuris whisper grandeur and refinement, adhering to the philosophy of less is more. Whenever possible, our footwear should be thoughtfully paired, keeping your apparel, jewellery, accessories, and the ambience of the location in mind. It is best to avoid clashing colours which would distract attention from the allure of your chosen footwear. Whether you go for a pair of executive trousers, cropped pants, printed leggings, flowing palazzos, ripped jeans, or a courtly skirt, the right pair of bottoms can make a world of difference in showing off your new mules or Moccasins. Pairing with care, as always, is the mantra.

Whatever your preference, you are certain to find something that’ll catch your fancy from our collection of footwear online—go ahead, indulge yourself, and find your footing on a league of its own.

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