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Looking to beat the heat with comfort and in style? Take a look at Global Desi’s exclusive range of designer kurtas for you.

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  1. New Pink Floral Print Kurta

    Pink Floral Print Kurta

  2. New White Floral Print Kurta

    White Floral Print Kurta

  3. Indigo Dotted Kurta
    $21 $27 25% OFF

    Indigo Dotted Kurta

  4. Light Blue Dotted Kurta
    $21 $27 25% OFF

    Light Blue Dotted Kurta

  5. New Mustard Asymmetric Kurta

    Mustard Asymmetric Kurta

  6. New Indigo Asymmetric Kurta

    Indigo Asymmetric Kurta

  7. New Peach Tree Print Kurta

    Peach Tree Print Kurta

  8. New Beige Leaf Print Kurta

    Beige Leaf Print Kurta

  9. Yellow Blossom Kurta
    $19 $26 25% OFF

    Yellow Blossom Kurta

  10. New Yellow Dotted Kurta

    Yellow Dotted Kurta

  11. New Aqua Floral Print Kurta

    Aqua Floral Print Kurta

  12. New Indigo Honey Comb Kurta

    Indigo Honey Comb Kurta

per page
348 Products Set Ascending Direction
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